Back to our old tricks? Credit card issuance hits 3-year high

Even though consumer confidence continues to tumble, household debt remains near record highs and economists are warning of another recession, the issuance of new credit cards is soaring — especially to the riskiest of borrowers. (4 mins ago)

Alzheimer’s and credit card dilemma

Complications in money managing are a common early sign of dementia. (32 mins ago)

Wells Fargo to test $3 debit card fee

NEW YORK – Wells Fargo plans to test a $3 monthly fee for its debit cards starting this fall. The San Francisco-based bank said the fee will be applied to checking accounts opened in five states starting in October. (3 mins ago)

Wells Fargo to test $3 debit card fee

Yet another of the nation’s top banks is flirting with the idea of charging a monthly fee to customers who use debit cards. (1 min ago)

Household Debt Falls Slightly

NEW YORK — Consumer borrowing fell slightly in the second quarter, as Americans shed more of their debt. (5 mins ago)

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas Offers Budget Tips to Keep Summer Utility Costs Cool

Dallas August 9, 2011 As the 100-plus heat wave continues from the Dallas Metroplex across the nation, consumers continue to see their utility bills rise. For most, it’s critical to keep homes and businesses cool. (12 mins ago)

Islanders victims of credit card fraud

Ontario police say three people from Prince Edward Island were among the victims in an identity theft case. (36 mins ago)

Sacramento consumers paying their credit cards faster

Sacramento consumers are paying off their credit cards at a much faster rate since the start of the recession, according to a new study. (33 mins ago)

Former Whitwell police chief, city recorder charged with theft

The former city recorder and police chief of Whitwell, Tenn., were arrested this week on theft charges, according to a release from the state Comptroller’s Office. (39 mins ago)

300 Million Loan for Arizona Gas-Fired Power Plant — Owned by Entegra Power Group — Provided by WestLB, GE, Union

Helping to meet long-term demand for electricity, five banks are providing $300 million in senior secured credit facilities for two operating power blocks at Entegra Power Group’s natural gas-fired Gila River Power Station in Arizona. (8 mins ago)