Puri Shunning Mobile Phone Wants Bank to Emulate Wells Fargo

Aditya Puri, the longest-serving head of an Indian bank, avoids e-mail and doesn’t carry a mobile phone. That hasn’t stopped HDFC Bank Ltd. from becoming the country’s second-biggest lender by market value.

Consumer Reports: Shop without hassle

Holiday shopping with its long checkout lines, sold-out must-haves, credit-card errors and gift-wrapping marathons can take its toll on even the most patient consumers.

EMPTY STOCKING FUND: Help mom give son a ‘Christmas he deserves’

Jan, a single mother who has filed for bankruptcy, says she has $5 in her savings account and is struggling to pay her rent and bills. She also wants to buy her 7-year-old son a new winter coat. She has a college degree and a full-time job, but doesn’t earn enough to keep her afloat.

Giving a gift card? Don’t add fees under the tree

Gift cards are an easy way to ward off disappointment during the holidays.

Consumer agency logs 5,000 credit card complaints in first months

WASHINGTON — In its first three months of operation, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau got more than 5,000 complaints about credit cards, the federal agency said in a report.

Budget 2012: Najib Fails Reform Credentials

The expectations were high for a pre-election budget where Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak will stamp his reformist? credentials.

How FDI in retail will help consumers, farmers, economy

The recent Cabinet decision to allow 51 per cent foreign direct investment in the multi-brand retail sector in India has deeply divided the nation’s political, social and trading classes.

Consumers’ credit-score misconceptions abound

Credit scores inspire anxiety in many consumers. We can’t easily see them, and we don’t always know what’s lurking behind them. Perhaps that’s why there seem to be so many myths and misperceptions about exactly what’s in a credit score.

FDI in retail to help consumers: Trade body

Kolkata, Nov 26 : The decision of the cabinet to open multi brand retail to foreign direct investment is a welcome one as it will offer wider choice with better quality to consumers and bring in more business opportunities for SMEs, trade lobby CII said.

Shoppers flock to stores for Black Friday deals

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.? Oh wait. That’s Christmas Eve, definitely not Black Friday, which started even earlier this year for many stores around the area.