Best credit cards for Christmas

From interest-free purchases to rewards and cashback, play your cards right this Christmas.

4 Credit Card Benefits That Could Help You This Holiday Season

Most people either love or hate credit cards. On one hand, they can tempt consumers to spend money they don't have. On the other, they're super convenient -- and can save you if your new laptop gets stolen.

Card targets Indonesian travellers

KUALA LUMPUR: PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk, PT Indonesia AirAsia and Think BIG Digital Sdn Bhd have launched the CIMB Niaga AirAsia BIG co-branded credit card in Jakarta on Monday.

CFPB Warns Credit-Card Issuers on Risky Promotional Offers

Flooded with numerous credit-card offers, consumers are easily enticed by the firms that promise the best promotional offer.

Cashing in on hidden credit card perks

Little-used credit card perks like car rental insurance, extended warranties and price adjustments could boost your bottom line.

When do you need to buy car rental insurance?

Relying on credit card benefits for insurance when renting a car could end up costing you if you're unaware of these common situations that aren't covered.

Kid going to college? Have the 'money talk'

If you have a kid headed to college, here are some talking points for the "money talk" to help make them more financially savvy.

7 Top Money Management Apps

Keeping a balanced budget can help you stay on track and sleep better at night.

3 Credit Cards Good for Your College Freshman

Pinching pennies where you can is critical to the household college budget, and so is teaching your kid some financial literacy.

4 Ways to Protect Your Teen From Identity Theft

Since this age bracket tends to have squeaky clean, blank credit reports, identity thieves prefer to steal from kids. Until your son applies for that first student loan or credit card, he won't have a clue he has been targeted. So what can you do to protect your teenager's identity? If your teenager follows the crowd, it's likely that every detail of her life is searchable on social media.