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Transferring balances Between Credit Cards

Transferring credit card balances can be a good plan if you take the time to understand all the terms and conditions associated with the new credit card. Good deals are to be found that will help lower your monthly outflows. The savings are typically from low credit card interest rates. However before getting seduced by low interest rate balance transfers, find out about other fees and charges.

Credit Card Dirty Tricks

Credit card companies are profitable enterprises. The credit card companies may offer low introductory rates, but the key word is “introductory”. After a time, the rate may be raised to something at or above market rates. Credit card companies also employ a number of methods to extract additional profits from their customers in the form of penalites, plans, insurance and the like. Be informed when signing up to use convenient and powerful financing tools like credit cards.

Beware Paying the Credit Card Minimum Payment

While paying cash for purchases is not always practical in terms of convenience, the advice about controlling your credit card purchases is sound. It is a bad situation to have allowed one’s apetite for new stuff affect their financial health. Hopefully this is not the credit card situation for most people.

Credit Card Management

Proves that sometimes even lawyers have trouble with managing credit card debt. Article promotes a good, sensible strategy to managing credit card debt.

The Top 5 Secrets to Managing Your Credit Cards — So They Won’t Manage You

Although you have probably never heard of Frank X. McNamara, you should pay homage to him the next time you pay with plastic. Mr. McNamara invested the concept of credit cards.

Use Your Credit Cards Responsibly

The first step to managing your credit card debt involves a heavy dose of self-control. You should not get a credit card if you can not exercize disciplined spending.

How to Avoid Credit Card Late Fees

Credit card lates fees are killer. At nearly $40 per late payment, this type of junk charge can add up fast.

Make Plastic Your Friend

Avoid the credit trap and use your credit cards to your advantage.

Credit Card Shocker

An unrealistic article about “devious” and “sneaky” credit card companies and their promotional techniques. Offers no alternatives to credit card financing of purchases.

While it is true that credit cards are powerful financing tools that are easy to abuse, they remain the most convenient way of getting what you want now. You just need to control your spending and pay down your balances quickly.

On a postive note, this article does provide some excellent free advice about how to get out of debt quickly.

5 SuperCharged Secrets to Credit Card Utopia!

Strongly advocates using special offers from credit card companies. Do not know what special offers are available? Well of course this could include airline miles, gas vouchers and the best of the best, cold-hard cash. Good reading if you have the discipline to avoid over-extending yourself. Not too hard though…