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Hacking negates convenience credit card offers

I don’t do online purchases for fear that information about my credit card would be mis-used. I don’t do business with I Tunes and definitely not with my credit card. My BDO visa was hacked! I also called up BDO which confirmed the two charges.

5 Price-match Policies You Should Read Closely

Procrastinating on your holiday shopping doesn't mean you're too late to get a great deal. Many major retailers promise to match lower prices offered by competitors.

Balancing act: Credit card rewards can help offset holiday shopping costs, but read fine print

Using credit to tackle your holiday shopping can be tempting. And offers of a discount for opening a new account, or interest-free purchases for a year or more make it more enticing.

5 Credit Card Predictions for 2015

This year Apple Pay launched and several major security breaches put consumers on edge. As we prepare to usher in a new year, U.S. News talked to several credit card experts about what to expect from credit card issuers in 2015.

Seeking benefits from airline mileage

Earning mileage while shopping for groceries? This particular travel credit card offers many attractive benefits for everyone, even those who rarely travel.

Best credit cards for Christmas

From interest-free purchases to rewards and cashback, play your cards right this Christmas.

4 Credit Card Benefits That Could Help You This Holiday Season

Most people either love or hate credit cards. On one hand, they can tempt consumers to spend money they don't have. On the other, they're super convenient — and can save you if your new laptop gets stolen.

Card targets Indonesian travellers

KUALA LUMPUR: PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk, PT Indonesia AirAsia and Think BIG Digital Sdn Bhd have launched the CIMB Niaga AirAsia BIG co-branded credit card in Jakarta on Monday.

CFPB Warns Credit-Card Issuers on Risky Promotional Offers

Flooded with numerous credit-card offers, consumers are easily enticed by the firms that promise the best promotional offer.

Cashing in on hidden credit card perks

Little-used credit card perks like car rental insurance, extended warranties and price adjustments could boost your bottom line.