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Can the Government Demystify Prepaid Cards?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is considering new regulations for the prepaid card industry.

Next digital evolution for Canada Post will start in Waterloo Region

You fish out the usual fistful of paper from your mailbox, including bills, credit card offers, flyers and deals for cheap pizza.

Live Wire: N.C. is an at-will state for employers

Q: Is North Carolina a hire-and-fire-at-will state? – L.B., Fayetteville A: Pretty much. In labor law, North Carolina is an at-will state. That basically means employers can treat you however they like unless there's a specific law or employment co…

Best cards for summer travel

Some are offering very lucrative sign-up bonuses and others have excellent continuing rewards that set them apart.

Credit companies target students despite laws

While credit card companies have been banned from targeting students and bribing them with free food and giveaways, a study says they are finding ways around the law.

5 Bankruptcy Myths Debunked

A look at fictions surrounding consumer bankruptcy and the many reasons people file.

Error of their way?

COLUMBUS — They can look like harmless errors: A misspelled name. A transposed number. A paid debt listed as past due.

Odysseas Papadimitriou: Four Credit Cards That Will Make Summer Travel More Affordable

As most travelers look for ways to stretch their budgets, the benefit of a credit card's initial bonus cannot be ignored — the right one can give you an extra $500 to play with.

Americans are feeling more OK about debt

The financial shocks that began in 2007 prompted a lot of us to change our free-spending ways, especially when it came to taking on debt. That may be changing.

Credit cards bring back no-fee, no-interest offers

Credit cards offer zero-percent balance transfer with no transfer fees to new customers. Zero-percent credit cards are a good deal, if consumers make sure they stay out of debt.