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The Myth of Free Checking

So-called "free" checking accounts may still cost a small fortune.

On the Data-Sharing Trail, Try Following the Breadcrumbs

There’s no easy way for American consumers to track the data dealers that share and sell their information. But a reporter tried her own experiment.

Credit cards: How to save $400 at the pump

Credit cards with gas rewards can be a big help in coping with high gas prices. The most effective credit cards could save you $400 at the pump.

The best money transfer credit cards

Are you paying painfully high interest on your overdraft? A money transfer credit card could cut your interest rate to zero.

Credit Cards With Major Travel Perks

Heading toward May, when many of us will set business aside and take some much-needed vacation time, there are some lucrative credit card offers to help you get the most out of your air miles. Those miles add up, and can quickly result in a comped hote…

Best credit cards for going green

When Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson envisioned the first Earth Day in 1970, environmental activists achieved more than they could have imagined. The years that followed saw the launch of the

Airline Credit Cards You Should Own

Here are four great airline card deals this week for frequent travelers. 1. Delta Airlines' Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card — The perfect offer for those who fly Delta regularly.

What You Should Know About Rewards Devaluation

Imagine opening a travel rewards credit card with the intention of using the points or miles gleaned over the course of the next year to pay for a family vacation , only to see excitement turn into disappointment when the number of points or miles requ…

Dealing the cards takes practice and prudence

Bevy of travel credit cards offer lavish enticements, but keeping track of them takes skill.

Not your father's credit card

Different versions of the tale offer various inspirations for Frank McNamara's brainstorm at the start of the 1950s. A personal loan business going stale, an embarrassing night out, and a nervous conversation with his wife all factor into the creat…