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How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Your shopping habits reveal even the most personal information like when you’re going to have a baby.

Theft of $20,000 from PUD safe remains a mystery

EVERETT — More than $20,000 belonging to Snohomish County Public Utility District ratepayers has turned up missing from a safe kept at the utility's Paine Field-based operations center.

US retail sales rebound as consumers up spending

Americans rebounded from a weak holiday season and increased spending on retail goods in January, an encouraging sign for the strengthening economy.

0%, Fee-free Balance Transfer Credit Cards Are Making A Comeback

The bird-watching world was set ablaze in 2005, when a team from Cornell University claimed to have spotted an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, which were thought to be extinct.

Drowning in debt: Credit cards and banks loans are sinking more people than ever

Robert and Martha were afraid to answer their phone. In fact they simply stopped picking up. With $15,000 of debt, the Abbotsford couple feared it was the collectors calling.

Valentine's Day is dumb – and a waste of money

Valentine's Day is best illustrated in one series of actions: Withdraw from an ATM what you'd usually spend on date night, withdraw that amount again, show it to the person you love most and then flush the entire sum down the nearest toilet.

China Nod for Citibank Credit Cards May Show Market Opening

China’s decision to allow Citigroup Inc. to issue credit cards may signal an opening of the banking market as the government relaxes restrictions that are the subject of a U.S. complaint at the World Trade Organization.

Credit demand unusually restrained: data

Demand for new credit was unusually restrained in the run-up to last Christmas, new data has found.

China forges Arab ties, hedging bets in the Gulf

To celebrate Chinese New Year last month, Dubai's swankiest hotel bathed its sail-shaped facade in red lighting accented with an image of a twisting golden dragon.

Banks Ask Borrowers to Repay Loans – Finance News

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