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How to File for Bankruptcy

Being in debt sucks. Owing money to creditors, banks, and other institutions can truly break your spirit, and letting your financial issues turn into a genuine credit crisis can destroy your credit score.

New kind of shopper

There are many kinds of shoppers in the traditional and broad sense’the ones with brand loyalty, those who wait for sales and discounts, impulsive ones, those who purchase based on need and window-shoppers, couponers, hoarders, stockpilers, the list goes on.

How do you stop calls from credit services?

Q. How do we get Credit Card Services to stop calling us? They call us every day, sometimes as many as six times. They are not connected to any of our credit cards. We’ve listened to their whole message and have asked them to stop. We signed up on the federal Do-Not-Call Registry. Is this a scam to get our credit card information?

Return fraud causing retailers to tighten policies

Merchandise return fraud continues to be a concern for the retail industry and many are tightening their policies to combat the growing crime.

Cunningham named to state health plan board

Dr. Paul Cunningham, dean of the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, has been named to the board of trustees of the State Health Plan for Teachers and State Employees.

4 trends to watch for prepaid cards in 2012

Prepaid credit cards are growing in popularity among consumers fed up with bank fees.

Many factors affect smart spending

You know what they say about beauty and the beholder? It apparently lies in the eye of the cardholder too.

Layaway Angels’ strike in West Covina

Christmas is almost here. And many shoppers are painfully aware of how much money they’re spending to make this a memorable holiday season for their kids.

Holiday bustle spreads cheer, black ink

Thurston County retailers say the holiday shopping season is shaping up nicely, and although in some cases sales might not exceed last year’s results, many are just glad that sales will be as good as in 2010.

DGAP-News: SMARTRAC and UPM join forces

SMARTRAC to take over UPM’s RFID business * UPM-Kymmene Corporation to become indirect stockholder of SMARTRAC N.V.