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Bank of America’s $5 debit fee — will you pay it?

Angela Malerba, who works in public relations in Boston, carries a debit card because she likes to know when she buys something that she has enough in her account to pay for it. But paying $5 a month to use her own money? That’s too much.

More bad news for bank customers: Debit card fees

Bank of America will start charging debit-card users $5 a month to pay for purchases. The move comes as the cards increasingly replace cash and as banks look for ways to offset the loss of revenue from a new rule that will limit how much they can collect from merchants.

Better run your business from a tablet

Getting work done with just a tablet is hard. Many of us carry Android or iOS tablets to stay connected while we’re away from our PC, but without a proper keyboard or mouse it’s difficult to do much more than answer a few emails or play Angry Birds.

Nurse faces 51 counts of medical records, ID theft at Boulder Community Hospital

A nurse accused of improperly accessing patient records at numerous hospitals in the Denver metro area faces five counts of identity theft and 46 counts of theft of medical records in connection with his time at Boulder Community Hospital between May 2010 and January 2011.

Christmas is coming: save now

Three months and counting. That’s how long consumers have to complete their holiday shopping before Dec. 25, 2011. Three months might sound like plenty of time, but nearly one-third of consumers start the holiday season with no savings for the extra travel, gifts, decorations, meals and so on that they purchase during the last few months of the year.

What is bankruptcy?

High-profile Wellington businessman Terry Serepisos will face stringent controls after being declared bankrupt today.

Here Are The Best Money Books For Millenials

Let’s face it; young consumers could use a lesson in financial literacy. In a basic personal finance quiz administered to college students nationwide by Higher One, seven out of ten respondents failed the quiz.

Credit card debt on the rise, again

Consumers are racking up credit card debt like it’s 2008.

Homeowners cheer Fed’s ‘Operation Twist.’ Wall Street, not so much.

The Federal Reserve announced Wednesday that it will drive down long-term interest rates through a strategy called ‘Operation Twist.’ The move has already pushed mortgage rates to historic lows, but Wall Street appears to have doubts about the plan’s broader economic impact.

Google Wallet Rival, Isis, Will Support Android

Android smartphones will support Isis, the Google Wallet rival confirmed.