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How to Get the Most Out of a Frequent Flier Program

Cash-strapped airlines are not only charging for on-board food, extra leg room and checked luggage, but some have also made it harder for passengers to redeem free flights. (25 mins ago)

Paypal, Google, Facebook And Apple Are Fighting For A Piece Of The Multibillion Payments Pie

Suddenly, payments are a big deal again. There’s a whole new market and everyone from titans to startups are going after it. In this context, PayPal’s hitting 100 million active users is pretty significant, because payments are a network effects business . Consumers will only use a payments service that tons of merchants use. (9 mins ago)

How $1.6 million slid under the radar in Hardwick

Joyce Bellavance leaves Caledonia Superior Court in St. Johnsbury in February after a hearing in a civil lawsuit related to more than $1 million in missing funds from Hardwick Electric Department where she worked. (2 hours ago)

Business, free speech cases top Supreme Court term

The Supreme Court’s conservative majority made it harder for people to band together to sue the nation’s largest businesses in the two most far-reaching rulings of the term the justices are wrapping up on Monday. (14 mins ago)

Hospital announces new food service chief

St. Francis Hospital & Health Services has announced the hiring of Jessica Whaley as the health center’s new nutritional services director. (29 mins ago)

Nerdwallet Launches Gas Price Comparison Tool

Finally Allowing Users to Compare Net? Gas Prices in their Neighborhoods Read the full story at (15 mins ago)

Consuming Interests: Car buyers, beware of credit insurance

Here’s one more fee to watch out for when buying a car: credit insurance. (12 mins ago)

Hide and seek: Why there’s no national database of life insurance policies

There’s an old Irish blessing that says, “May you be in heaven a full half hour before the devil knows you’re dead.” But even if the devil doesn’t know, the government does, as do insurance companies, credit card issuers and mortgage lenders. In fact, anyone who can pay for a Social Security Administration service called the Death Master file knows who is no longer living. (13 mins ago)

A New Horizon Notices Those Who Defaulted on Mortgages Now Being Offered Credit

As the economy slowly improves, banks have been increasingly lending to an unexpected demographic: former homeowners who previously defaulted on their mortgages. (11 mins ago)

Market Making You Seasick?

With each piece of data, market sentiment is shifting from one side of the boat to the other, but stay focused on the consumer. (2 hours ago)