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Technology’s brisk pace has propelled travel agents to constantly redefine their role?

Today the Asia travel industry leads worldwide growth and travel agents are faced with travellers who want the best deal, and the latest information at their fingertips. Throughout this ever-evolving industry one core element has remained constant and critical – Technology. (2 hours ago)

20. Chinese e-commerce giant opens furniture showroom

BEIJING: China’s e-commerce giant is stepping up its heated rivalry with bricks-and-mortar retailers with the launch of a five-story home furnishings showroom in Beijing. (19 mins ago)

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WARNING: Your computer may be infected by a virus. Take preventative action now! While this flashing across your screen may entice you to take action, that is the last thing you should do. By allowing someone to take remote access to your computer, you are opening yourself up to a variety of frauds. (2 hours ago)

ePayments Week: Mobile payments target the point-of-sale – Google offers NFC stickers, Square branches out, banks

Google offers NFC stickers in the first phase of its Wallet program, while Square reaches beyond merchants with a customer-friendly app. Also, major US banks take a cue from PayPal and finally make it easy to send money. (21 mins ago)

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Nick Clegg is set to promise that he will not to allow the NHS to be “flogged off to the highest bidder” as the political battle over Government NHS reforms nears a key milestone. (42 mins ago)

Easy ways to score free plane tickets

Air fares are on the rise. But why pay exorbitant prices when you can score a flight for nothing? (46 mins ago)

Westport man pleads guilty to bank fraud in collapse of F&S Oil

A 55-year-old Westport man pleaded guilty today to one count of bank fraud associated with the collapse of a Waterbury-based home heating oil company that abruptly went out of business in March 2008. (52 mins ago)

CPA MONEY MANAGEMENT ADVICE: Four steps for paying down your debt once and for all

According to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, the top financial New Year’s resolution for consumers in 2011 is cutting back on debt. Now that the year is nearly halfway over, how many people have kept that pledge? (1 hour ago)

Want to be a savvy bargain hunter? Try credit card shopping first

Finding a company that offers a lower interest rate can produce better total savings on your shopping than your weekly perusal of flyers (12 mins ago)

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Talent Watch: Generation Next, a competition for up-and-coming designers, is presented in collaboration with Fashion High and B.C. Fashion Week, and will be held Sunday, Sept. 30, 2 p.m. on the BCFW main stage at the Chinese Cultural Centre, 50 East Pender St. in downtown Vancouver. (52 mins ago)