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Nearly all Colorado credit unions are healthy, strong

Colorado credit unions got hit early in the recession but are faring much better in the recovery. “Credit unions in Colorado continue to meet the demand that consumers place on them,” said Chris Myklebust. (1 hour ago)

Learning How To Manage The Finances

Having personal loans and credit cards are a way of life today but many are unaware on the perils of living in debts. This last of the three part series dwells into the Federation of Malaysian Consumer Associations’ vision in inculcating sound financial management skills among Malaysians. (3 mins ago)

Abnote North America’s Brad Paulson Earns Award For Contributions To Card Industry Standards

Brad Paulson, Vice President of Research and Development for ABnote Global, has just been awarded the InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards Merit Award for 2011. (17 mins ago)

Three Common Accounting Mistakes

Expert advice and lessons learned from financial missteps of small-business owners. (59 mins ago)

17. Malaysian households use almost half their income to pay off debts

ORGE TOWN: The Consumers Association of Penang revealed that Malaysian households are spending about half of their income to pay off their debts. (6 mins ago)

Transit workers suit may get out of neutral

STOCKTON – The legal case of three San Joaquin Regional Transit District employees claiming they were fired in retaliation for assisting in a civil grand jury investigation of the transit district has been lingering for the better part of three years. (59 mins ago)

Arizona’s middle class further out of reach for young

Tough economic conditions provide a financial wake-up call for young adults, many of whom already were struggling with high debt levels. (39 mins ago)

Simplified mortgage terms due soon

Consumers and lenders will get their first look at a new, simplified mortgage disclosure form next month, according to the acting head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. (5 hours ago)

Bank of America hit on taxes, executive bonuses

Bank of America continues to be a target for consumer groups and unions looking for the right shared sacrifice,? the term coined by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, as he puts together a budget to close a $3.5 billion deficit this year by cutting services and raising taxes. (3 hours ago)

Credit boom on cards for AEON in rebound

AEON Credit Service aims to issue 140,000 credit cards this year – 20,000 more than in 2010 – as Hong Kong’s consumer confidence turns more robust amid an improving job market. (29 mins ago)