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Three in four bank complaints upheld as total soars by 15%

Almost 100,000 complaints were levied against high street banks and other finance giants in the second half of 2010, with Lloyds generating the most at 12,234. (2 hours ago)

Nokia’s tie-up with Microsoft ‘bold decision’

At least, both PCs and phones can work with Office on Windows. Just imagine it! (2 hours ago)

Are credit card users back to their old habits?

TransUnion, one of the major credit bureaus, issued what on the surface should have been welcome news about the delinquency rate of credit users. (45 mins ago)

News Briefs

Attempted rape on Cavelleri Road in Malibu An attempted rape took place on Pacific Coast Highway near Cavalleri Road in Malibu Feb. 16 at about 9:15 p.m. (6 mins ago)

Thieves Stole From Church Collection

Who would stoop so low to steal from a church? It happened at two churches, and at one of the churches, they stole cash from the church collection basket. (9 mins ago)

Grits want proof F-35s not flying credit cards’

Federal Liberals plan to open a second front in their document war with the Harper government. (53 secs ago)

Banks hope to increase use of card payment services

Commercial banks are now prioritising increased profits from card payment services as the domestic market now has 28.5 million bank cards which are mainly used just for cash withdrawals. (27 mins ago)

Looking for a credit card? It pays to be rich

NEW YORK – It pays to be rich if you need a credit card. A year after sweeping credit card regulations upended the industry, banks are showering perks and rewards on big spenders with sterling credit scores. (35 secs ago)

Homebuyers racking up more debt

DESPITE interest rate concerns, almost one in five first home buyers rack up additional debt in the first two years of their mortgage, a survey shows. (1 hour ago)

Stack Up Offers New Service : NZers taking the first deal, but not always the best deal. Especially when it comes to their mortgage. (24 mins ago)