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Recipes for U.S. Prosperity from Four CEOs

Current or former CEOs of four global companies weighed in on the global competitiveness of the U.S. economy and its workforce on Fareed Zakaria’s CNN talk show Sunday. (1 hour ago)

Mismanagement rampant in public housing

WASHINGTON — There were accusations of an executive slush fund, financial shenanigans and dictatorial management. But it was the $900,000 in secret sexual harassment payments that got the head of the nation’s fourth-largest housing authority fired and had the mayor asking how the housing board missed it all. (3 hours ago)

Postmus defense looks to grand jury testimony

Postmus defense looks to grand jury testimony – SAN BERNARDINO The defense attorney for embattle (27 mins ago)

Banks Face a Decade of Slow Revenue Growth

New rules and a weak economy are affecting Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and others (16 mins ago)

East Haven man gets 4 1/2 years in prison for embezzlement

NEW HAVEN, Conn. Federal prosecutors say a former Connecticut bank vice president has been sentenced to serve more than four years in prison for embezzling $1 million to gamble and pay his mortgage, credit cards and car payments. (1 hour ago)

Gateway EDI Launches Online Statement and Payment Portal for Patients Helping Providers Get Paid Faster

Today, at the Medical Group Management Association 2010 Annual Conference, Gateway EDI launched Patient Exchange an online patient portal that gives providers an easy, secure way to bill and collect online payments from patients, reducing the time it takes for providers to get paid. (30 mins ago)

Federal Reserve proposes changes to credit card reform

Move will close loophole that could allow subprime lenders to charge high fees The last of the credit card reforms kicked in just two months ago, but get ready soon for reform version 2.0. (7 mins ago)

Researchers hack toys, attack iPhones at ToorCon

Security experts demonstrate their software exploits and hardware hacks at annual security conference in San Diego. (28 mins ago)


Budget cuts by the city and county, as well as delays in state funding, will mean big changes at Jervis Public Library in 2011. The library has stopped ordering new material, and will likely stop Sunday hours, reduce hours for staff and cut wages, and reduce the number of public programs, according to Director Lisa Matte. (3 hours ago)

Consumer Reports: The Perils Of Credit Cards

With the protections of the Credit Card Act of 2009 in full effect, a nationally representative Consumer Reports survey shows a slightly lower level of dissatisfaction among Americans with their credit cards than last year. (1 hour ago)