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Trustee asks court to bar Hecker, girlfiend from spending ‘stolen money’

The trustee handling Denny Hecker’s bankruptcy case wants to slam the brakes on the former auto mogul and his girlfriend spending “stolen money” to “continue to fund their lavish lifestyle,” according to a motion filed today. (27 mins ago)

Trustee gets subpoena power to track Hecker’s insurance proceeds

The trustee handling the Denny Hecker bankruptcy case was granted subpoena power Wednesday to help him track down about $154,000 worth of insurance policy proceeds that the fallen auto mogul may have hidden from the court. (32 mins ago)

Duke City credit cards carry $27,000 debt on average

Are Albuquerque’s consumers spiraling out of spending control or is the culprit the economy? (14 mins ago)

Time Life: The last digital holdout

Get your box set via P.O. Box! With dusty offerings, outdated formats, and an aging demographic, the privately-owned company has nowhere to go but the selling block. (1 min ago)

Clothes from cyber space

Preeti Sethi, a Mumbai-based event manager and image consultant, has been on a shopping spree for a couple of months now. Exclusive high-end designer brands that are usually not available at retail outlets in the country have become part of her wardrobe. (52 mins ago)

MasterCard illegally adds fees to Lottery players

All you need is a dollar and a dream to play the Lottery, except if you’re paying with MasterCard — then it’s an extra 10 bucks. (1 min ago)

Students Can Purchase Iowa Tickets Monday at Jordan Center

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Penn State students wanting to travel to Iowa City for the Oct. 2 prime time clash against the Hawkeyes can purchase a ticket at Gate B of the Bryce Jordan Center beginning Monday, Sept. 27 at 7 a.m. (35 mins ago)

5 Ways to Cut Credit Cards From Your Life

Tips for getting a handle on your spending to achieve a more frugal lifestyle. (26 mins ago)

Facebook Promotes Its Credits as Path to Dollars

The currency, Credits, passed a milestone as the top developer of Facebook applications adopted it this month. (40 mins ago)

Chemical Company To Pay $800k Penalty

A Texas-based chemical company will pay $800,000 to the federal government and the state of Kentucky to settle accusations of environmental violations. (10 mins ago)