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Stamp duty on credit cards will stop European banks entering the market?

THE Government’s stamp duty on credit cards has been labelled uncompetitive? by a leading industry group, which claims it could stop new entrants coming into the market. (8 hours ago)

Credit Cards and Internet Dangers

Sometimes we journalists don’t need to go far to find a story. When we discovered what you could find out about a person on the web, we figured anyone with a debit or credit card needed to know. (7 hours ago)

Credit cards: The good and the bad

New credit card rules took effect in February. They offer some relief from rising credit-card fees and tight payment deadlines but on the flip side, credit card companies are already cooking up new ways to squeeze more money out of you. (2 hours ago)

Woman says hunger led her to steal credit cards

A 19-year-old woman was arrested Tuesday after allegedly stealing credit cards from employee purses at Bethesda Memorial Hospital, police said. (1 day ago)

States asked to popularise Kisan credit cards

New Delhi, May 25 : The government Tuesday said it has asked states to launch an intensive village-level campaign to popularise Kisan Credit Cards among farmers. (20 hours ago)

Five local magisterial judges now accepting credit cards

Five of Fayette County’s magisterial district judges have started accepting credit cards to pay for traffic and non-traffic citations. (32 mins ago)

Credit Cards: Reining in wayward teens

Credit cards can be valuable tools to teach teenagers about balancing their own budgets, if used correctly, experts say. (8 hours ago)

Four men arrested in SLO after allegedly using fraudulent credit cards

Four Southern California men were arrested Thursday after San Luis Obispo police say they used fraudulent credit cards to make numerous purchases. (1 day ago)

Video: Thief steals credit cards

Cincinnati police say a serial thief has been slipping into office and medical buildings across Greater Cincinnati, pilfering through desk drawers and empty rooms and stealing credit cards from purses and wallets. (2 days ago)

Smart credit cards arrive in U.S. — finally

Credit cards featuring smartcard technology have been standard fare in Europe and elsewhere for years — but not in the U.S., where financial institutions still use cards based on less-secure magnetic stripe technology. That may be about to change. (39 mins ago)