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RMTD now accepting credit cards

Rockford Mass Transit District is now accepting credit cards to make riding easier. (16 hours ago)

Pair Tried To Use Stolen Credit Cards After Attack

A judge has denied bond for the man charged with robbing and savagely beating two women with a baseball bat in the Bucktown neighborhood. As CBS 2′s Suzanne Le Mignot reports, the two suspects apparently tried to use the victims’ credit cards at a local gas station less than half an hour after the attack. (9 hours ago)

Credit cards how many would you like?

Have you watched someone stand in line at the store and shuffle through a stack of what must be at least four to five credit cards? Most people have at least one credit card, others usually two or three. (2 hours ago)

Man accused of using counterfeit credit cards

A man accused of using 31 counterfeit credit cards for transactions at Cabela’s in Rapid City has pleaded not guilty to the charges. (1 day ago)

Woodford may offer employees credit cards to use

EUREKA — About eight years after a sheriff was convicted ofmisusing county credit cards, the Woodford County Board isconsidering offering them again for employees to use on countybusiness. (6 hours ago)

Man accused of stealing wallet in KJ, using victim’s credit cards

KIRYAS JOEL Troopers say a Highland Mills man stole a wallet from a woman in a Kiryas Joel grocery store and racked up charges of at least $4,000 on her credit cards at several stores in the Town of Monroe. (1 day ago)

Target Deals Blow to Visa With Switch to In-Store Credit Cards

April 20 — Target Corp. , the second-largest U.S. discount chain, will stop issuing Visa Inc. credit cards to new applicants and spur use of its own plastic. (17 hours ago)

Man used stolen credit cards, police charge

NASHUA – A city man is accused of using credit cards stolen from a vehicle on Stonebridge Drive more than a year ago, police report. Adam Masseur, 21, of 505 Broad St., was arrested Sunday, initially on an unrelated matter, police report. (16 hours ago)

Women accused of stealing credit cards in Glenville

Two women broke into a home in Glenville while the homeowner slept and stole credit cards. Glenville Police say the women then used the stolen cards at the Glenville Wal-Mart and ATMs in Schenectady on March 30. (1 day ago)

ST on sales through credit cards: FBR gathering data to increase collection

ISLAMABAD : The Federal Board of Revenue is gathering sales data from the retail outlets and wholesalers through credit cards facility to match declarations made in sales tax returns with actual sales during a tax period for increasing sales tax collection. (9 hours ago)