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Tips for avoiding ID theft while buying a home

IdentityTruth, the leading provider of a new breed of identity theft monitoring services to help consumers avoid identity theft and safeguard their privacy and identity, today is sharing its tips for avoiding ID theft when buying a home. (41 mins ago)

Montco ethics debate renewed

COURTHOUSE Debate has renewed over Montgomery County’s ethics policy in light of the fact that two county employees? have roles in commissioners? Chairman James R. Matthews? political campaign. (34 mins ago)

It’s not easy shopping for a loan

YAKIMA, Wash. — These days, people shopping at Carey Motors in Yakima are bringing in more than their desire for a new car. (1 hour ago)

Bill banning job credit checks passes House

A bill that prohibits Illinois employers from considering employee’s credit scores in hiring and firing decisions was passed by the House on Thursday but some question whether it’s needed. (26 mins ago)

WKOW vs. DATCP: The backstory

Dan Cassuto says he’s terribly disappointed: “This is not how democracy is supposed to work.” The WKOW 27 consumer/investigative reporter has lately been doing a bang-up job on stories that question the effectiveness of the state’s main consumer watchdog, the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. And he feels like he’s getting a little banged up in return. (1 hour ago)

Low-risk debit card offered to CU-Boulder students

Students at the University of Colorado and 120 other colleges around the nation may have the opportunity to learn how to budget their finances and build credit through a new debit card program — without the consequences of late fees or high interest rates. (2 hours ago)

Capitol Report: Will bank-reform proposals protect consumers?

Far-reaching legislation aimed at overhauling the nation’s financial-services regulatory system is moving forward in Congress, but advocates say some of the proposed consumer protections are too weak. (1 hour ago)

Fed issues final rules protecting gift card users

The Federal Reserve on Tuesday announced its final rules protecting consumers from gift card expiration, fees and unclear or undisclosed terms and conditions. (8 mins ago)

Better Business: In recession, scammers take ripoffs to new level

BBBs across the nation compiled a list of common scams and ripoffs in 2009. Local consumers encountered all of them. (1 hour ago)

Most area school credit card policies require pre-approval

Even if they’re confident enough to carry their own credit cards every day, few school administrators like carrying school district credit cards on their person. (40 mins ago)