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Where do commissary funds go? An N-D analysis

LA PORTE Prisoners at the county jail and their families spent $250 to put La Porte County Sheriff Mike Mollenhauer’s picture on the back cover of La Porte High School’s 2009-2010 wrestling program. (18 mins ago)

New credit card rules to impact young spenders

When Adrie started college, she didn’t have a credit card and didn’t particularly want one. Eventually, however, an on-campus solicitor for Major Card? got her to sign up for a card membership. She was enticed by a free gift and an assurance she could cancel at any time. (5 mins ago)

State Better Business Bureau cites Top 10 Scams of 2009

WALLINGFORD Though 2009 may be fading in memory for some, for others it will be remembered as a year of scammer ingenuity. More grifters took pains to doctor Web sites so thousands of unsuspecting dupes would believe their innovations were real. (2 hours ago)

Sink calls for sweeping ethics reform

TALLAHASSEE Amid a backdrop of recent political scandals, Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink on Thursday joined the chorus calling for sweeping ethics reforms. (1 hour ago)

Consumer credit complaints see huge jump, FTC says

Identity theft again topped the list of consumer complaints made to the Federal Trade Commission in 2009, but the number of Americans ticked off about their credit showed the sharpest increase. (10 mins ago)

SBI Card organises 250 customer service camps

New Delhi, Feb 23 SBI Card, a joint venture between State Bank of India and GE Capital, today said it has organised 250 service camps over the last eight months to understand the needs and preferences of the customers. (5 mins ago)

Credit card changes helps customers, but spend responsibly and beware of hidden fees

Plastic is the new green. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s self-indulgent. But Americans? love-hate relationship with their credit cards have gotten them into some murky waters in the ocean of debt. New credit card laws, which went into effect on Monday, are designed to give cardholders a life jacket. (10 mins ago)

New rules to keep credit card issuers more honest

The bulk of the Credit CARD Act of 2009 goes into effect Monday, with provisions aimed at preventing deceptive marketing, hidden fee increases and unfair billing practices by credit card issuers. (6 mins ago)

Leadership, return to diamond basics could save Zale, experts say

For six straight years, Zale Corp. fumbled the all-important holiday shopping season – a time of year that makes up 100 percent of its annual profit. (3 mins ago)

GE’s work force fell by 6% or 19,000 people last year

WASHINGTON: General Electric’s overall work force fell by about 6 percent worldwide in 2009 as it struggled to deal with the effects of the deep recession and financial crisis, according to a company regulatory filing Friday. (26 mins ago)