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A superstar real estate agent plots his comeback

It’s the perfect Miami morning at Carlos Justo’s penthouse _ warm and bright, with luxury yachts powering through the sparkling blue Atlantic Ocean some 30 stories below. (14 mins ago)

HSBC May Post Loss as U.S. Unit Pushes Bad Loans to $15 Billion

July 31 — HSBC Holdings Plc , Europe’s biggest bank by market value, may report a second straight loss after setting aside $15.3 billion, mainly for consumer loans that soured in the U.S. (1 hour ago)

Private eye to investigate planning office

A private investigator will look into alleged wrongdoings by Flathead County Planning Director Jeff Harris and the office he oversees after county commissioners voted last Thursday to sign a $5,000 contract with Moonlighting Detective Agency. (23 secs to go)

How much should you spend on . . .

Housing? Groceries? The truthful, frustrating answer is ‘it depends.’ Now there’s a simple — but not easy — way to figure it out, and it works regardless of your income. (15 mins to go)

Public servant charged with credit card misuse

A PUBLIC servant who allegedly misused credit cards to buy artworks, clothing and airfares has been charged with stealing and fraud by the West Australian anti-corruption watchdog. (6 mins to go)

In And Around Town

SATURDAY, July 25 A trip to the Quik Check Festival of Ballooning will be hosted by Oakwood Singles. Call 584-1413 for car pooling arrangements and more information. (14 mins to go)

College lesson No. 1: Learn to watch finances

With credit-card reforms kicking in next year, card issuers will have a tougher time getting teenagers on college campuses to apply for plastic without their parents’ knowledge. (6 mins to go)

Is it a boost or bane?

The federal minimum wage rose Friday from $6.55 to $7.25 an hour, bringing with it controversy about whether the increase is good or bad for the economy. (14 mins to go)

Dish Network settles lawsuit

MADISON Dish Network, L.L.C. has agreed to pay restitution to consumers and to enter into an agreement that limits how it can market services in the future to settle consumer protection allegations with attorneys general in 46 states. (23 mins ago)

Hecker pal now in the bankruptcy cross hairs

Denny Hecker’s personal bankruptcy case just got a little more personal. (10 mins ago)