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Jackson’s Will Puts Assets In Trust

Michael Jackson’s will gives guardianship over his children to the singer’s mother and leaves all his assets in a trust fund, a person with knowledge of the document told The Associated Press on Tuesday. (9 mins to go)

GE Capital lays off 127 in Bedford; more cuts planned

GE Capital Corp. has laid off 127 employees at a Bedford operation in the past three months, and the company said staff reductions may continue through mid-September. (20 mins ago)

Banking on security in Baghdad

Under the watchful eye of a guard in army fatigues — with badges depicting a dagger through a skull — the meeting of the Iraqi private banks association was like any gathering of mostly fat and balding money men. (57 mins ago)

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By KATHRYN FLAGG BRISTOL Vermont State Police on Thursday wrapped up a months-long investigation of alleged embezzlement at the Addison Northeast Supervisory Union, citing into court Amy Cousino, 39, of Bristol to answer charges of embezzling more than $40,000. (3 hours ago)

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The following offers represent the top 10 credit cards for consumers with a bad credit rating. (3 mins to go)

Geithner: administration pushing financial reform

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Thursday the administration will send legislative language to Congress in the next few days to create a consumer financial products agency, one of the key parts of its overhaul plan. (12 mins to go)

Hagan Pushes Financial Literacy For Sixth Graders

In order to limit future bankruptcies and foreclosures, Senator Kay Hagan sees education as the key. In her first significant piece of legislation she wants to make federal grants available to states that require more financial training in public schools. (14 mins ago)

Banking “broken,” consumers need help: U.S. watchdog

WASHINGTON – The outspoken head of a U.S. Congressional watchdog panel will strongly urge lawmakers on Wednesday to set up a new government agency to protect consumers from “tricks and traps” set by banks. (28 mins ago)

Tightening credit puts a squeeze on owners

Businesses that depended on credit cards to make purchases and manage monthly cash flow are either paying higher interest, unable to open new lines or having existing ones canceled. For small-business owners who rely on business credit cards, the recessionary landscape looks extra bleak these days. (2 mins to go)

Taxman eases rules on frequent flyer perks

The Canada Revenue Agency has relaxed its long-standing administrative policy on the taxability of loyalty points earned while travelling on employer-paid business trips or incurring reimbursable business expenses. (3 mins ago)