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Bangkok Post : Retailers hope Ox will pull weight

High-spending seasons only come a few times a year and Thailand’s major retailers are sparing no effort to ensure the forthcoming Lunar New Year conjures up sales to compensate for dull earnings in recent months. (48 mins ago)

At most bailed-out banks, teams at the top remain

It’s one of the ironies of the U.S. financial bailout: The banking executives now managing billions in taxpayer money are the same ones who oversaw the industry’s near collapse. (9 mins ago)

Loans growth expectation maintained at 2%-3%

KUALA LUMPUR: Mayban Investment Bank Equities Research is maintaining its loans growth expectation at 2-3% for 2009, expecting growth to stay fairly healthy in early 2009. (1 hour ago)

New Zealand Cuts Key Interest Rate to Record-Low 3.5%

Jan. 29 — New Zealand reduced its interest rate by 1.5 percentage points to a record low, saying there’s room for further cuts to steer the economy out of a deepening recession. (2 mins ago)

Bankers fight to keep card rates up

Bank lobbyists are fighting a rear-guard action to dissuade the government from taking aim at high credit card interest rates and fees in tomorrow’s federal budget. (44 mins ago)

Credit cards cut back on rewards

NEW YORK — Just as interest in cashing in points for the latest iPod model or airline tickets is likely to ratchet up, the banks that issue cards are making it harder to redeem those points. (1 hour ago)

ShareChat News: NZ trimmed credit card balances to six-month low in December

New Zealanders trimmed their credit card balances in December, the first time in at least four years that the amount owing has slipped in what is typically a peak month for retail spending. (28 mins ago)

Yes, You Can Live With Less Plastic

Living entirely within your means may make you feel rich in a way, but trying to get along in the modern world with no credit at all can be a royal pain. (26 mins ago)

Pink slip offers lessons to young family

Despite recent assurances from his boss, my son-in-law, Kyle, was laid off from his engineering job three weeks before Christmas. (3 mins ago)

Mergers expected at smaller U.S. banks

About 200 to 300 small American banks might fail or be forced into mergers, analysts say, as U.S. government money is coming with a condition that smaller banks seek to merge with larger institutions. (43 mins ago)