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Libor Rises Most on Record After U.S. Congress Rejects Bailout

Sept. 30 — The cost of borrowing in dollars overnight in London rose the most on record after the U.S. Congress rejected a $700 billion bank-rescue plan, putting an unprecedented squeeze on the global financial system. (59 secs ago)

Lenders Lower Credit-card Limits

It’s not just your portfolio that may be shrinking during these turbulent times. The spending limit on your credit card may be heading south as well. (28 mins ago)

U.S. financial fire fans across borders

PARIS _ Wall Street’s meltdown isn’t just America’s problem. While many around the world are watching the financial crisis unfold as if it were a gruesome spectator sport, the consequences for businesses and ordinary people from Tokyo to Buenos Aires could dig deep and last long. (4 hours ago)

WaMu Assets Sold to JPMorgan in Record Bank Failure

Sept. 26 — Washington Mutual Inc. was seized by government regulators and its branches and assets sold to JPMorgan Chase & Co. in the biggest U.S. bank failure in history. (4 mins ago)

Immelt: Things Will Turn Around

General Electric’s chief cuts profit forecast but says his ship is sound. Is it? (12 mins ago)

MBNA Insider: ‘Hired to Sell Money’

Shocking claims about aggressive tactics from credit card industry insiders. (22 mins ago)

Visa makes it easier to immediately issue cards at branch

It’s getting harder and harder to make those old jokes about wearing the numbers off credit cards during a mad spending spree. (8 mins ago)

Citigroup’s Krawcheck to leave: report

NEW YORK – Sallie Krawcheck, head of Citigroup Inc’s wealth management unit, will step down from the company, the Wall Street Journal said on Monday, citing people familiar with the matter. (7 mins ago)

DeMarrais: Credit card mania worsens

I couldn’t believe how many credit cards the woman in front of me at the supermarket checkout had in her bulging wallet. Why does she need so many? I wondered. (36 mins ago)

SABB Amanah launches a new Islamic credit card in association with Visa

20 September 2008 SABB announced the launch of the new Amanah Visa credit card as a part of the Amanah family of Shariah compliant products. (5 hours ago)