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Brazil’s economy lifting rich and poor

BRASILIA, Brazil, July 31 — Brazil’s growing economy is lifting the country’s rich and poor and shows signs of sustainability, analysts said. (18 mins ago)

New Study Shows Declining Credit Card Use Among Americans Due to Economic Downturn

SAN FRANCISCO—-Financial research firm Javelin Strategy & Research released today its latest report on credit cards and consumer spending, which shows that Americans are cutting back on credit card use and having difficulty paying off balances. (50 mins ago)

127,500,000 Shares of Prepaid Card Holdings, Inc. Common Stock Owned by Management to Be Canceled and Returned to

LAS VEGAS—-Prepaid Card Holdings, Inc. announced today that its CEO Bruce Berman and COO Robert Christiansen have agreed to cancel 127,500,000 of their shares of Prepaid Card Holdings, Inc. and return them to treasury. (3 mins ago)

Companies offer discounts when credit cards are used

There are deals this summer for travelers who know how to play their credit cards. Travel companies are offering promotions such as discounted rates, free gift cards, free rental days, free hotel nights and extra frequent-flier credits when you purchase travel. (5 mins ago)

Scour household expenditures, and you’ll clean up with savings

The Consumer Reports Money Lab recently uncovered hidden savings in everyday spending that could save consumers as much as $500 per month — even while gas and food prices continue to rise. (3 hours ago)

Reverse Mortgage Pitfalls

Tap into your home equity with a reverse mortgage, but beware the risks. Here’s how you can get burned. (3 hours ago)

Your Credit Card May Not Pay for That Already Scheduled Vacation if Something Unexpected Comes Up

Traveling in this economy can be risky, but it doesn’t have to be. CSA Travel Protection, a proud member of the United States Travel Insurance Association , shares some little-known facts about travel insurance. (39 mins ago)

Credit fix reduces interest in zero-percent financing

W hen is zero-percent-interest financing a lot more expensive than free? (13 mins ago)

Yahoo Settles with Icahn

The activist investor had wanted to replace Yahoo’s directors with his own hand-picked slate to negotiate a sale of the company (20 mins ago)

Banks implementing higher fees

Just as consumers increasingly turn to credit cards to cover the rising cost of living, banks are making credit card use more expensive by raising fees and penalty rates, making it harder to avoid penalties and promoting costlier services. (2 hours ago)