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Chief extols virtues of credit unions

George Joseph, who heads the Dade County Federal Credit Union, not surprisingly views the services offered by credit unions as the best option for customers seeking higher returns on deposits and lower rates on loans. (41 mins ago)

Pare subprime bailout — invest in schooling youth

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The best offense is a good defense. (36 mins ago)

Starting Your Very Own Home-based Prepaid Phone Card Business

A prepaid phone card is a popular communication trend in today’s society. In fact, many business-minded individuals are using this as their niche to earn a tidy profit, while staying on the upside from their competitors. (4 mins ago)

Blazing a new trail

CHINA UNIONPAY is embarking on a five-year strategy that it believes will transform it into a leading player in the global cards and payments sector. (39 mins ago)

Fed keeps prime rate at 5% due to inflation worries

WASHINGTON With inflation moving higher on its worry list, the Federal Reserve held interest rates steady yesterday, ending nearly a year of cuts to bolster the economy, and hinted that the next direction for rates could be up. (32 mins ago)

Before the wedding, talk about money

You’re about to settle down and get married. But when it comes to finances, what should you know about your future spouse? Christopher Brown, president of Ivy League Financial Advisors in Rockville, Md.: (11 mins ago)

Fed unlikely to change interest rates

WASHINGTON Straddling risky economic crosscurrents, the Federal Reserve is expected to stand still this week on interest rates. (28 mins ago)

Banking and Financial

The Commonwealth Government has issued a Green Paper titled “Financial Services and Credit Reform”. This report summarises the proposals in the Green Paper. (1 hour ago)

How Many Cards Are Too Many?

WALNUT CREEK — Most people who use credit have more than one card. But how many cards are too many? (7 mins ago)

Many consumers suddenly find credit card debt limits slashed

The easy money that led Americans to depend on credit cards to pay their bills is starting to dry up. After fostering the explosive growth of consumer debt in recent years, financial companies are reducing the credit limits on cards held by millions of Americans, often without warning. (1 hour ago)