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Citigroup tries to regroup

Managers shuffle in turnaround effort Citigroup Inc. , reeling from a record fourth-quarter loss, reorganized its flagging consumer division as Chief Executive Officer Vikram Pandit tries to reverse a profit slide at the biggest revenue generator for the nation’s biggest bank. (22 mins ago)

For small businesses, when the going gets tough, get tough on costs

Raise your game a notch by being more efficient and marketing smarter. Whittier Hearing Center Inc. has endured hard times before. (20 mins ago)

What to think about before college

By Kara McGuire Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune College may seem an eon away to high school seniors who are focused on that next big test or big game. But the time to think about choosing and paying for college is now. (4 mins ago)

Gallo king knows his market

Meet the Gallo king of Minnesota. From his East Side market, Jimmy Morelli sells more bottles of the mass market California wine than any other (2 hours ago)

Students support curbs on campus credit-card pitches

Credit-card marketing on college campuses is out of control, and four in five students support regulations that would end free gifts for signing up and require companies to offer fair terms, a consumer group said in a new report. (10 mins ago)

Shoppers eye spring retail sales

European visitors to Central Florida and women shopping for clothing represent the slim upside for the spring retail season this year, according to analysts. (45 mins ago)

UTA incorporating smart-tech for fares

Commuters using Utah Transit Authority’s bus, TRAX or FrontRunner commuter rail, will have a new, high-tech payment option starting later this year. (57 mins ago)

Avoid universal default credit cards

Dear Debt Adviser, I just got a mailed notice that if I “default” on my credit card, the lender will raise the “default APR” to 33.49 percent and will apply it to my $660 credit account. I am not in default, nor do I foresee this occurring, but this rate is so high that I want to close that account so that I never have to pay it. (7 mins ago)

As economy heads south, so does customers’ generosity

Hair isn’t the only thing being trimmed at Head Bangers The Salon in Pendleton, Ind. Customers searching for ways to fight high gas and food prices are doing some trimming of their own – in tips. (38 mins ago)

Don’t fall for tax rebate check scams

There is nothing like the promise of free money to get the rumor mill buzzing. That would explain all the bad information swirling around about the coming stimulus rebate checks. (10 mins ago)