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Improve fiscal fitness: Work out a budget

Escaping debt and saving money are perennial picks for the top of New Year’s resolutions lists and, like many resolutions, the lofty ambitions often are abandoned as the year progresses. (51 mins ago)

Local industry braces

HIGHER interest rates and the credit crunch will have major impacts on some local businesses next year, insolvency specialists warn. (5 hours ago)

Suze Orman: The holiday spending hangover

Anuary and suddenly all the crazy spending you did in December hits home. The credit card statements start showing up and you find yourself sweating bullets in the dead of winter over the size of your balance. Talk about a painful hangover. I’ve got (13 mins ago)

Britons fear post-Christmas bills

LONDON – Consumers are too scared to open post-Christmas bills, a survey by the City watchdog has found. (2 hours ago)

For The Lost And Stranded, Help From A Smiling Face

For forlorn travelers, volunteers at Travelers Aid stations around the country offer a friendly face and a helping hand. (16 mins ago)

A New Year’s Checklist: 7 Deadly Sins

The start of the new year is the time when we plan to be better people – nicer, skinnier, more careful people. (33 mins ago)

Eateries Should Take The Wheel

Restaurants have been good to us over the years. They’ve provided a setting for our magical moments – from first dates to proposals. They’ve acted as hosts for our anniversaries and rehearsal dinners. And the lamb chops have been tasty, too. (49 mins ago)

Credit card from store an iffy deal

NEW YORK — A cash register isn’t just a place where you pull out your wallet to get cash or a credit card anymore. At a growing number of stores, it is becoming a place of opportunity to put some of that money back, in the form of instant discounts, shopping perks and savings that may otherwise pass you by. (1 hour ago)

Dubai First MasterCard credit card launches with 4% cash back

Dubai First, the first consumer finance company, that is a part of Dubai Group, in association with MasterCard Worldwide, today introduced the new Dubai First MasterCard credit card, which includes the highest cash back offer in the Middle East. (4 hours ago)

Credit Card Debt Help

(ARA) – Ever hear of indentured servitude? It’s a historical concept that means you’re basically working for free to pay off some obligation (like a share cropper). Ever just make your minimum credit card debt payments every month and feel like you are just spinning your wheels? (1 day ago)