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Credit Card Management

Proves that sometimes even lawyers have trouble with managing credit card debt. Article promotes a good, sensible strategy to managing credit card debt.

Credit Cards

A somewhat rambling article, but the piece makes a very good distinction between credit cards and debit cards.

Credit Card Debt Elimination

When it comes to eliminating credit card debt, make a plan and then work your plan. And when you pay down a credit card, be sure to keep open your oldest credit card for maintaining your credit history. And make sure that you only close an account that has the zero balance. This way you avoid the credit card company raising the interest rate.

Credit Card is Adding the Silver Lining to Your Pocket

Nice article with an interesting discussion theme about how credit cards can make you look slimmer and appear smarter!

So you want to get free airline tickets: Should you get a travel reward or cash back credit card?

All things being equal, you should choose the cashback card over the airline rewards card. Cash is king.

Student credit cards: Basic guide

Having a credit card as a student can be very convenient. Credit cards can teach you the principles of smart money management. With a credit card, you can start building a solid credit score while you are in college.

The Top 5 Secrets to Managing Your Credit Cards — So They Won’t Manage You

Although you have probably never heard of Frank X. McNamara, you should pay homage to him the next time you pay with plastic. Mr. McNamara invested the concept of credit cards.